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so, it’s been what you could call an eventful week.      

each event deserves its own post for sure.  

thursday we drove to san luis obispo, ca to get some firestone.  
ok, the first thing we did was eat at firestone, 

but we actually went to attend gavin and melanie’s wedding and all the accomanying festivities.   
gavin and jake have been best friends for years, since they were little kids,

13 years old here, but friends since early grade school.

and gavin was best man at our wedding.

photographers love these guys.  they are not camera shy.

photographers love these guys. they are not camera shy. clint, shane, matt, jake, gavin, pat.

we stayed in a vacation rental house a couple miles from the ceremony site.  it was beautiful, on a couple of acres in the countryside of Arroyo Grande.

we got to see gianna, 5 months old, shane and amanda’s baby.

adorable, no? those cheeks are edible. she was an angel the whole weekend.

shane was in our wedding, and gavin and jake were in shane’s. 

gavin, shane, pat, jake.

gavin, shane as groom, pat, jake.

we stayed in the house with all the groomsmen, matt and lisa, chad, john, jason and his girlfriend erica.

the ceremony was on a bluff overlooking shell beach in pismo beach.

the view for the guests.  the hazy sunset created a glare in this picture.

the view for the guests. the hazy sunset created a glare in this picture.

mel and gavin at the rehearsal. jake being goofy in the background.

even though gavin and melanie live on the east coast, they wanted to get married near cal poly, where they–and jake, shane and pat, and matt and amanda–went to college. 

college was where they did crazy stuff like this:

please to enjoy:

jake, chad, gavin in back and shane.

for halloween, they went as the awesome boy band “476 degrees” (they lived at 476 chorro street in slo.)

i don’t have any pictures of the actual wedding because my camera was commandeered the night before the wedding and 75 of virtually the same picture was taken (of all the people staying in the house) in downtown slo after the rehearsal dinner.  this enthusiasm wore out my camera’s batteries.  fortunately, they thought to hire a photographer, whose pictures probably turned out better than mine would have.  click here to view some of said pictures.

the reception was at holland ranch, prompting me to tell jake we need to get our hands on an old barn quick and join the wedding business.

as promised it was an awesome reception, where we sang (sweet caroline, livin’ on a prayer and so much more), danced (sexyback, sexyback and sexyback)  and drank root beer floats , breaking wall fixtures while trying to do the “dolphin” (okay, that was only shane) doing the “carlton” dance to the tom jones song (okay, that was just amanda), and had to be practically kicked out of the barn at the end of the night (pictures to be added later, i hope).

then there was the lovely sunday brunch, because the party should never stop, especially when everyone is there together!


and THEN we came home to the news that…………………………………………baby kai was about to be born!!


to be continued……


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